Tuesday, April 7, 2015

BIG plans... UPDATE

Well, my BIG plans did not get off to the best start.  Weather, car problems and sick kids have set me back. Everything is fixed - except the weather- lots of rain...but we need it!  When that clears, I can paint the door!

I decided to complete all the small projects first before moving on to the large projects.
So I thought I would start with painting the front door.  Ideally, we want to get a new front door like the one pictured below. But, it's not high on the priority list. :-)


When we moved in, the door was blue and the house was yellow. Not my preferred palette.
So we painted the house and front door. I chose a brick red color for the door because I always wanted a red door.  Over the years, that color has look more and more ugly to me.  So I decided to paint it black to match the shutters.

I bought the paint and was so ready to paint!  When we finally had a sunny warm day good for painting, I went out to get started. I scraped all the old caulking away and went to cleaning the sidelights.  Whatever kind of dirt has attached to the sidelights since last summers cleaning is some kind of super dirt that refuses to be cleaned with any cleaner I can find in my house!  So, off to get some CLR to see if I can get these sidelights clean so I can paint the door.

I have been waiting until I get the door painted to hang my new wreath I put together but I decided since it was taking too long I would just hang it anyway!  Let's call this the first small project! LOL

So...not a lot to update but here is a photo of my wreath. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!  I think it will look a LOT better when the door is painted black!

Preserved Boxwood wreath - Target
Galvanized letter - Michaels
Burlap ribbon - Hobby Lobby

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