Saturday, April 4, 2015

LAST DAY for FREE Mrs Meyer's Cleaner and more...


Exclusive offer:  through April 4th, my readers will receive a FREE Mrs. Meyer's multi-purpose cleaner, $10 credit, & Free shipping for first time customers!

This is an AMAZING offer and I am so happy to offer this to all of you, since I am HUGE fan of Mrs. Meyer's.  I LOVE this cleaner, I use it all the time in my home. I have used the Lavender scent and the Geranium (my favorite). This cleaner works on anything. All Mrs. Meyer's scents are derived from essential oils of herbs and flowers (one of the main reasons I LOVE them!).  So, these products have an aroma-therapeutic effect. You can relax while you clean!

Let me explain how ePantry works. With ePantry, you can plan out a delivery schedule months in advance, or customize an order when you need one. You can edit your dashboard in any way at any time, and there are lots of great features to fit your needs. ePantry will recommend products and a schedule to you, but you are not locked in, and you choose the products you receive.

Here's how to get your FREE cleaner and $10 credit:
  1. Sign up for a new account through this link. Good only until April 4th. 
  2. Answer a few easy questions about your home, cleaning schedule and favorite products (this only takes couple minutes at most) 
  3. Customize your basket! My favorite part! You can add or remove any products you like. 
  4. Add a minimum of $20 (including your multi-surface cleaner and $10 credit, these will automatically appear in your cart) of products to your shipment. 
  5. Once you have filled your basket, click finish and pay.

    To demonstrate what a great  value this offer is, I have put together an example basket. Of course, I suggest exploring ePantry's full product lineup!

    Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner: FREE with my offer!
    Mrs. Meyer's hand soap: $4.03
    Mrs. Meyer's dish soap: $3.89
    Seventh Generation tube and tile cleaner: $4.39
    Seventh Generation tall drawstring trash bags:$5.49
    Seventh Generation toilet bowl cleaner: $4.39
    ePantry cellulose sponges:$2.99
    ePantry Pure Soy candle 8oz:$9.95

    With a $10 credit from Quiverfull, the total for this basket comes to $25.13, a $56+ value!!

    Refer friends and family, get $10 off!
    If you refer friends and family to ePantry, each person you refer will get $10 credit for their first order!  And, more good news... YOU will also receive $10 for each person who checks out. It's a win-win!

    The cherry on top is that ePantry customer service I noted above. They call themselves the ePantry customer service "wizards", and they are truly attentive and helpful. They even offer an extra $2 off if you answer the question in the chat box. So go ahead and try it out. You'll be glad you did!

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