Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Organizing Your Closet

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No, that is not a picture of my closet!  I so wish it is like my dream closet.  However, I wouldn't have enough stuff to fill it up LOL!

It is a good picture of organization though. Everything has a place!

10 ways to organize your closet.

1.  Downsize your wardrobe - if you haven't worn it in 6 months, get rid of it!  Some people tend to freak out a little bit when I've told them that so here is a solution for you if you too got a little freaked out when you read that.  Get a small box, put the few items in there you think you will wear again in the next 6 months. Write the today's date on the box and the 6 month date you will need to get rid of everything left in the box.  If you have worn an item out of the box in the 6 months, then hang it up in your closet.  What's left at the end of 6 months, get rid of.

2.  Storage- take out seasonal clothing/accessories/shoes and store elsewhere (unless you have a large closet with space to neatly store them)

3. Contain non-hanging items - use matching baskets or bins to hold items that can not be hung.  Group like items - handbags, belts, scarves, etc...

4. Arrange folded items neatly on shelves or in baskets/bins. Places sweaters in protective bags and on a top shelf when not in season.
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5. Use garment bags to protect suits, dresses and leather from dust and drying out.  If you do not have clear bags, take a photo of each suit, dress and leather item and tape or insert in a pocket on the front of the garment bag. This will help you quickly and easily identify the item when you want to wear it.

6. Cohesiveness - use the matching hangers to give your closet a uniform look. Also, consider selecting a less bulky hanger such as Huggable Hangers.  They really do save space.

7. Shoes - decide how you will store shoes.  Floor rack, cubbies, plastic shoe bins or original boxes.  If you choose the plastic shoe bins or original boxes, take a photo of each pair of shoes and tape to the box so you will save yourself time searching for the shoes you would like to wear.  If you have a small closet, remove seasonal footwear and store along with your seasonal clothing outside your closet.

8. Hanging clothes - organize by type and color.  Dress shirts and blouses by sleeve length and color, pants together, skirts together, etc...

9. Create a basket or specific hanging area for clothing needing to be dry cleaned. Then on the day you take dry cleaning or it is picket up, you don't have to search for it.

10. Use all the wall space in your closet - above and below the handing clothes.

Small closet organization.
 Source - Better homes and Gardens

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