Monday, March 16, 2015

BIG plans - My To Do List

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About 10 years ago we decided to move.  We wanted something a little larger to accommodate our growing family and to be closer to the school our children were attending at the time.

So we chose an older home with a great lay out, bigger entry (a dream I had!!) and a good size yard. We knew we didn't mind a home that needed some work. Growing up with a custom builder for a dad, I have learned some valuable skills that have served me well. My sweet husband has always been willing to jump into any project with me. His dad was a bridge builder and taught him valuable building skills as well!  I'm a total nerd about my power tools and love woodworking.  I'm an avid DIY-er and redo, restore, re-purpose furniture and basically anything that could use it. We have tackled many DIY projects. So I feel confident in our ability to complete these projects. 

I lovingly refer to our home as the money pit..remember that movie? Everything falling apart around them? Sometimes I feel like we live in THAT house! LOL But really, with each item we would try to fix, we would encounter another issue that needed be addressed before moving on with the original project. Can you say FRUSTRATING?!?!?!?! There have been countless obstacles to us progressing this home to the potential we saw in it when we purchased it.  God has used these obstacles to teach us many valuable lessons, so I am thankful for them. Honestly though, I have struggled from time to time with impatience in wanting to get some of these projects done to make our home more livable. I believe patience in waiting is one of those valuable lessons God is still teaching me. 

We are so excited to begin working on some of the long awaited projects our home needs and we want to accomplish! Our goal is to complete most of them this year. We have already begun working on a few.  I am reminded of the scripture "A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9  With this in mind, we I will accept any interruptions, delays or the like God brings our way knowing HE knows so much more about the future than I do. Some things we HAVE to replace soon due to the age of our home and the fact that they are simply worn out. 

In no particular order here are the projects we will be tackling. You can watch the blog for progress. Some of these projects we will no doubt encounter situations we will learn from.  I will be sure to share these along with tips learned.

Major Projects:
  • Total kitchen redo - build cabinets and island, move stove and refrigerator locations, move door, new flooring, install can lights, new sink and faucet, new counters, build pantry.
  • Total laundry room redo- build cabinets, install tile flooring, install new sink and faucet.
  • Kids bath redo- completely gut. Add another sink area, remove closet and add open shelving with cabinet below, tile floor, install tub with tile surround.
  • Master bath redo- completely redo everything.
  • Build back porch
  • Build shed
  • Landscaping
  • Walkway out front

Minor Projects:
  • Replace baseboard
  • New front door
  • Paint rooms
  • Build ins beside fireplace
  • Build ins in little boys room

As I sit here and look at this list, it seems ambitious for a home educating mama of 6 and a husband who works full time! You should see the detailed one I wrote out!  Yet, I know from experience if we take one step at a time, we will get it done. So with a big, deep breath....we begin! Keep an eye out for updates on our progress. Y'all follow along on Instagram with us @Quiverfullblog  We are super pumped to begin!

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